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Danny Phantom!
Anonymous sent:
do you know the one episode where there was like a flashback of jazz and danny when they were kids? it's been ages since i've watched the series

Hmmm. The only scene I can remember of them both as kids is from the Christmas episode “The Fright Before Christmas” where Jazz fights off the ghost turkey. :D

Anonymous sent:
y u no post gifs anymore???

Sorry anon. Just gotta get in the mood sometimes. :S

Anonymous sent:
Do you know what episode it is that Danny actually get's cut and you get to see that in ghost form he does bleed ectoplasm?

Oh! The Halloween one with Fright Knight, right? I think it was the part where he was trying to get the sword and the place was like booby trapped with the swinging axes and stuff? Yeah?

shipping-like-fedex sent:
What episode does fem!Danny come out?

Dani appears in Kindred Spirits first and then the next episode that revolves around her is D-Stabilized. :)

Anonymous sent:
Is there going to be a Danny Phantom season 4? or movie? That would be so awesome if they did that. I mean I have been hearing that it might come out, but not clear if it will.

Unfortunately, nothing has really been confirmed and those are just rumors. The only thing we’ve got is a tweet from Butch Hartman last year asking about what villain would be preferable for a live action Danny Phantom film. It’s been a year though and nothing has really been mentioned about it so I’m kind of skeptical about it for now. D:

Anonymous sent:
where can i watch danny phantom for free?????

Try watchcartoononline.com. :) The quality is kind of crap but it’s something.

Anonymous sent:
When does danny find out about his ice powers? Like what episode?

He first finds out about his ice powers during the episode “Urban Jungle” in season 3! :) That’s actually one of my favorite episodes… I remember claiming the TV at home during its premiere. Haha!

forevergirl-tophbeifong sent:
Hello! I am on the mobile app and cannot see your "Requests and Updates" or Directory. Have you by any chance made a gif set of all of Mr. Lancers unique "cursing" references?

Hey there! I definitely do have a gif set with most of his book cursing references! Unfortunately they didn’t all fit so there’s only ten. D: I’ll put a link to it right under! I think it’s actually my top post on this blog. Haha! 


fandomcasualty sent:
Oh my gosh I freaking love your blog DP was my very first fandom and it was the show that introduced me to the fan girl life style and completely changed my life for the better

Oh my goodness, thank you! :D Danny Phantom was actually my first fandom too! It was the first show I got really crazy over when I was younger. Haha! High five, man! c: